Mobile Coding Contest

Android and iOS Developers, get ready for your next challenge! The time has come: This October, you’ll get the chance to showcase your skills. Catalysts and Runtastic teamed up to create a new contest experience for you: the Mobile Contest. Just as in the regular Coding Contest, you will solve real-world problems level by level with increasing difficulty by developing native apps for Android and iOS.

You are a passionate mobile developer? What are you waiting for – register now!

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Procedure & Preparation

The next contest is on 2018-04-27 and will be held worldwide!

Participate On Location

As soon as you have registered for the MCC on location, we reserve a seat for you. It’s your choice if you want to compete as a lone-fighter or within a team (maximum of 3 team members). After a successful registration for the contest you can decide to either create or join a team. If you decide to do so you’ll participate with the team account.

Participate Online

The online participation is a great opportunity to take part in the CCC, even if you live hundreds of kilometer away. It starts at the same time as the contest on location. The remote participation is completely anonymous and is ranked separately (check the Hall of Fame). Last year we had participants from around the world like India, China, USA, Russia, Brazil,…

Registration & further procedure

  • First, EVERYBODY needs to sign up for the contest and confirm the email address.
    • For those who participate as a team: Teams are limited to max. 3 members. Simply create or join a team on our CodingContest portal.
  • Next, you can log in on the CatCoder with the same user for preparation, i.e. training of old examples.
  • Then it’s time to code. The earlier you finish, the better it is for you.
  • If you have any questions during the contest, you can ask them via gitter and you will get an answer immediately.
  • Right after the contest we will award the winners. For each location, we will publish the Hall of Fame.
  • In locations with raffle, you have the chance to win various prizes. The better you score at the contest, the more lots you get for the raffle. During the award ceremony, we draw lots and the lucky winners can pick one of the remaining prizes.
  • Take your time until the end! Enjoy the buffet and the drinks. You can have a beer together with the sponsors and organizers. Networking already resulted in some internships or fixed positions!

Training Examples

Try the examples of the last CCCs on our CatCoder platform (=test server for the programming competition). By the way, for a better self-evaluation you can also join a group or create your own group and let others join. This way you can compare yourself to your friends!

Questions & Answers

We won’t answer questions about the upcoming CCC-Example. We only tell you that: There is no special preparation necessary.

  • Where can we ask questions?
    The best way is to use our contact form below. During the contest, we anser your questions via gitter.
  • Is the access to the internet possible?
    We will provide internet access at each location, but you have to stick to the fair use policy (pages like Stackoverflow etc. are allowed, streaming and excessive downloading of content is forbidden).
  • According to the Source-Code-Upload: In case I can solve a level in Excel or on Paper—What should I upload?
    The upload is an option not a must have! In case you don’t have a source-code to upload you can’t cash the bonus time.
  • Under time-pressure my source-code isn’t well structured and I tend to skip the comments—is that alright?
    We don’t expect a polished source-code. Although it’s, of a scientists point of view, interesting how the best solutions developed.
  • In case my programming language has changed since the registration—what’s to do?
  • In case I commit all values of the test-cases in level x at once, and they are all wrong, because of a mistake in my code. Is EVERY value counted as a failed test OR is it counted as ONE failed test?
    Usually we count every failed test (in that particulary case every value). Therefor it can be wise to commit not all results at once. Remember for every failed test (value) you get a penalty minute!

Any more questions?

If you have any questions, just contact us…