Infographic: The Next Level—06 Nov 2015

Amazing tension. Gorgeous atmosphere. 885 participants on a single day. 591 coders in one location. These numbers make this Catalysts Coding Contest the biggest coding challenge in Europe, filling the beautiful Festsaal in the city hall of Vienna to a maximum.

We’re really glad to see so many pupils at our event: we counted 352 participants at our school challenge in the morning, and 81 even stayed for the main event in the afternoon! At the main event, we had 341 participants in Vienna and a total of 533 (incl. online participants).

Although many coders seemed to have problems solving level 1, it is very hard to explain the overwhelming atmosphere at the main CCC. Coders, coders everywhere you looked in the most beautiful location Austria can offer. So, dear coders, find some analytics about this stunning event below! See you at the next contest on 2018-04-27 in Vienna, Linz and more—the registration is already open!


Bored of numbers? We’ve taken lots of pictures in the Vienna City Hall. See them all on Facebook!

School Contest, 06 Nov 2015

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Main Coding Contest, 06 Nov 2015

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