The next challenge has been set!

We gladly reveal the next date for our Coding Contest, the 20th October 2017! Mobile developers get ready, we introduce the Mobile Coding Contest. Our first locations have been confirmed lately, but there are more to come. Check your closest location and register!

Sponsors and Partners

Every year we have plenty of companies and organizations who fund the Coding Contest. While they support us where they can, they are visible in front of many talented software developers. If you are interested in sponsoring a contest, let us know.

This was our Coding Contest on 31st March 2017!

This was our CCC on the 31th March 2017
Our first global Coding Contest on March 31st, 2017, is over. Thanks to all of you who participated! Congratulations to all your achievements, especially to the global winners „We’re having a field day“ who participated in The Hague!

Now let’s celebrate. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the pictures we’ve taken. Check the Hall of Fame to see who achieved what in which location. We’re already looking forward to our next global competition. If you want to support us or host one in your location, feel free to contact us!

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